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Supporting corporate buyers shifting to green electricity

Offering a broad range of green power procurement advisory services, DNV GL is the partner for sourcing renewables and switching to green electricity.

To lead the energy transition, companies have developed ambitious sustainability targets including reducing drastically scope 1 to 3 greenhouse gas emissions from your operations and value chains. For reducing Scope 2 carbon footprint, an integrated green energy procurement strategic approach is crucial.

But for businesses with operations and facilities spread across multiple countries, defining and implementing green energy procurement processes can be challenging, triggering key questions, including:

  • How do I ensure long-term electricity cost affordability & improved price visibility while shifting to 100% renewables?
  • Does my strategy demonstrate sustainability leadership to internal and external stakeholders while being economically sound?
  • Which renewable energy milestones should I use to achieve my global sustainability strategy?
  • How can I assess and choose various green energy procurement instruments best fitting my needs per geography?
  • How do I set clear milestones and monitor my achievement?

Our services

Impactful green power procurement strategy setting
DNV GL offers a unique approach, combining innovative digital tools, through our market-leading green power procurement platform Instatrust, with tailored green power procurement advisory services based on our proven methodology and deep technical expertise. This strong approach enables us to efficiently support you in your decision-making process while ensuring you meet your specific goals and needs.

Instatrust RE procurement road mapping 770x319pxl

Figure 1: Renewable Energy procurement road mapping

We help you define a global strategy to meet your interim and long-term goals. It includes recommendations on the best mechanism for each of your facilities and geographies to reach your global targets.

PPA advisory services
Your choice of the various instruments for renewable electricity sourcing can make a difference, impact your operations and market reputation. Corporate PPA has earned the reputation to be one of the options which has a big positive impact for the climate change. PPAs allow buyers to enter delivery contracts directly with renewable project developers, securing a long-term electricity purchase. By hedging against the wholesale market, companies can realize considerable energy savings while stimulating the growth of clean technologies and meeting sustainability commitments and goals.

DNV GL supports you along your corporate PPA journey by offering an end-to-end support for renewable energy transactions from the development of your procurement strategies, soliciting proposals and executing PPAs.

  1. Through our PPA workshop, we help you raising internal stakeholder awareness of PPA benefits, risks and trade-offs within key internal stakeholders from management, energy procurement teams, finance, legal and accounting teams.
  2. Through our PPA advisory services, we offer guidance in defining your preferences and constraints to develop an optimized and tailored PPA strategy.
  3. Our PPA tendering approach includes:

Instatrust PPA tendering approach 770x278pxl

Our team has deep experience in all aspects of the PPA process and DNV GL can also harness strong business relationships with renewable energy producers around the globe and leverage its online PPA marketplace. This enables us to connect you to existing or planned green energy projects with the aim of closing the best-fitted power purchase agreements and achieving your green energy goals.

Our goal is to accelerate the PPA market and support renewable energy development globally. For this reason, DNV GL is not charging PPA advisory success fee, hence avoiding also any conflict of interest to focus at all time on providing you independent and neutral advice.

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