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Operations control room

Operations control room

Contact us:

Marion Hill

Marion Hill

Business Line Director, Renewables Advisory, North America

DNV GL's control room service gives you round-the-clock oversight and control of everything from site access to rapid emergency response.

Wind farm owners are taking more control of their assets, seeking real-time monitoring and optimization. However, specialized resources and capability are needed to optimize performance. There are also associated aspects of plant management to consider, such as carrying out health and safety best practices.

By taking advantage of our Operations control room service, we can help you maximize value through smart operations and information visibility. We can handle all your wind farm operations for you, including site access, 24/7 emergency response, maintenance scheduling and site safety. We also act as the control point for interaction with the grid operator.

Our fully manned control room covers:

  • Performance analysis
  • Real time monitoring
  • Forecasting for the power purchaser
  • Operations and maintenance

One size doesn't fit all. At DNV GL, our highly skilled experts work closely with our customers to build a flexible, bespoke solution to meet their specific needs. They will select the right tools and services from our comprehensive offering to create a truly tailored solution that’s the right fit for your setup. Our Control room can currently monitor assets across Europe, the Middle East and Africa – but we are working to expand our capability into a global service.

*Service only currently available within the UK

Contact us:

Marion Hill

Marion Hill

Business Line Director, Renewables Advisory, North America

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