Wind turbine load comparison

Wind turbine load comparison

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Marion Hill

Marion Hill

Business Line Director, Renewables Advisory, North America

Our expertise in wind turbine technology, numerical modelling and load measurement gives you confidence in your wind turbine model for onshore and offshore devices.

Numerical modelling is a fundamental aspect of modern wind turbine design. The entire design process hinges on its accuracy – very little can happen without a numerical model that represents reality. 

For new turbines, designers must show that their numerical model correctly predicts the level of loading to qualify for certification. For existing turbines that are facing unanticipated conditions, a load measurement campaign can be used to validate a numerical model that can then predict how the turbine will respond in other conditions.

Giving you confidence in your model
In either case, it’s vital that you can trust your model. Our wind turbine load comparison service gives you that confidence. It provides a rigorous comparison of measured and predicted loads. This includes troubleshooting to identify potential errors, and solving them to create a refined numerical model that represents the turbine’s true response.

Our successful technique lies in taking loads measured on either a prototype or an operational wind turbine, and replicating the conditions numerically. We then compare the numerically simulated loads with the measured loads. With confidence in your model, you can use it to predict other behavioural functioning that you can’t replicate in the field.

Supporting projects globally
We’re a leading independent provider of load comparison services for onshore and offshore wind projects around the world. Our team of experienced professionals ensure you get the benefits of advanced expertise in numerical modelling and load calculations.

Contact us:

Marion Hill

Marion Hill

Business Line Director, Renewables Advisory, North America

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