Boost My Audit

Boost My Audit helps you focus audits and improvement efforts on what matters most, developing high-performing management systems.

A performing management system effectively supports your business goals. DNV’s digital Boost My Audit tool lets you concentrate on areas that matters most to your business.

How does it work

Boost My Audit covers more than 200 focus areas, reflecting a mix of those chosen most often by our customers, where non-conformities tend to occur and our auditors’ experience All DNV’s 80,000 customers are invited to select specific focus areas before every audit, allowing DNV to assess how well the management system performs in the chosen focus areas and against the standard’s requirements. All data is collected, analysed and shared to help you improve in the right places.

Browse the critical focus areas per standard, enterprise risk or business process. Filter on your industry to identify focus areas specific to you your business. Related checklists guide your internal auditing processes or help you prepare for any third-party external audits.

Continually improve your management system

By getting insight into the focus areas that may pose the biggest risk to your operations, you can leverage on the opportunity to understand performance and direct improvement efforts.

Boost My Audit helps you:

  • Identify focus areas particularly relevant to your industry or company type;
  • Use the related pre-prepare checklists to guide your internal auditing efforts in a structured way;
  • Prepare for external third-party certification audits.

A total journey

The Boost My Audit digital tool is part of our suite of digital tools developed to add certification value for our customers. From training and throughout the certification journey, we work to help you prepare for your first audit and continually improve your management system thereafter.  With us, you always get a total view from our technical experts, risk-based approach and digital tools.