Seven solar power plants in Jordan

Independent engineering services for six of the seven PV solar power plants.

The International Finance Corporation (IFC) is a member of the World Bank Group and provides financial services to business investing on the private sector of developing countries. IFC developed an innovative program to support the Jordanian government’s first phase for the construction of solar power plants to increase renewable energy contribution to 10% of the country’s generation mix by 2020. IFC is acting as a mandated lender for seven projects within this program.

The project consists in building 7 solar photovoltaic power plants:

  • Shamsuna Power Company (Aqaba);
  • Falcon Ma`an for Solar Energy (Ma’an);
  • Arabia One for Clean Energy Investments (Ma’an);
  • Al Ward Al Joury for Energy Generation (Ma’an);
  • Al Zahrat Al Salam for Energy Generation (Ma’an);
  • Al Zanbaq for Energy Generation (Ma’an); and
  • Jordan Solar One (Mafraq).

Project description
DNV provides Independent Engineering services in order to assist the Client during the financial close, the construction phase and the operational phase of six of the seven solar power plants financed by IFC and other local banks within the Round 1 of Renewable Energy Program in Jordan:

  • Shamsuna Power Company : 10 MW solar PV plant;
  • Falcon Ma`an for Solar Energy: 23.1 MW solar PV plant;
  • Arabia One for Clean Energy Investments: 11 MW solar PV plant;
  • Al Ward Al Joury for Energy Generation: 11 MW solar PV plant;
  • Al Zahrat Al Salam for Energy Generation: 11 MW solar PV plant;
  • Al Zanbaq for Energy Generation: 11 MW solar PV plant.

For all these projects, DNV services consist in:
During phase 1, Full Technical Due Diligence: conduct a comprehensive review of technical, financial, environmental and commercial aspects of the Project, identifying technical risks, and recommending improvements and mitigants (both technical and contractual ones). 
During phase 2, Support during Construction, Commissioning and Provisional Acceptance of the Project: support the Client during the installation and commissioning of the PV Plant, with particular focus on witnessing key events, reviewing the completion of key milestones and signing off on Mechanical/Electrical Completion and Provisional Acceptance.
During phase 3, Support during Operational phase of the Project: monitor at high-level the operation, performance and O&M activities of the operating Project till the Final Acceptance.

Services provided by DNV
Independent Engineering: DNV provided site visit, design and technology review, irradiation study and performance estimate, grid connection study review, Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) review, construction monitoring, EPC and O&M review and overall risk assessment. DNV is providing also provisional acceptance certification, operation monitoring for IFC during the first two years of operation and final acceptance certification.