WindFarmer and a fatigue loads database

Integration of WindFarmer, our intuitive wind farm design tool, with an internal fatigue loads database (FLD).

To integrate WindFarmer and DNV's fatigue loads database (FLD) in a fully tested and optimized internal tool.


  • Extension of FLD structure and re-coding in Python.
  • Define general I/O protocol between WindFarmer and FLD to accommodate future functionality extensions.
  • Incorporation of cost models.
  • Results of tool testing.
  • General documentation.

Value created

  • The ability to consider wind farm production and loading effects in an integrated manner, allowing project specific cost optimization.
  • A more sophisticated approach to wind farm layout design and sector management control.

Quote from DNV project expert
“The work has provided the means to introduce turbine loading and user-defined cost functions into the layout optimization problem which could be extended to optimize wind farm control strategies or be adapted for onshore applications.”

John King, Team Leader, DNV - Energy

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