check-out our interview with Mr. Ahmed Taleb, Group SHEQ Advisor at Maurilog, our first certified customer in Mauritania, who shares his company’s experience with DNV!

Established in 2001, MAURILOG has established itself as the Regions most respected single source logistics provider, optimizing efficiency for energy exploration and mining sectors by combining specialized knowhow, compliance and skills in a complex operating environment providing effective supply chain and logistics solutions. Our commitment to support Industry is defined by our continued compliance validation allowing organizations to operate with a high level of assurance while increasing efficiency from an environmental, economic, and social standpoint. Our integrated Management System is internationally recognized and includes the trio of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001, which identifies the requirements of a quality, environment and sustainability and process safety management systems. This trio defines our approach and provides certified recognition of ‘good practice’ across our collective operations regarding the quality of our services, the commitment to the health, safety and wellbeing of our workers and contractors, said Mr. AHMED TALEB, Group SHEQ Advisor at Maurilog. Check out the whole interviewed with Mr. AHMED TALEB, who explains why they decided to get certified according to the ISO standards with DNV.

  •              Can you introduce yourself, your company, and its different activities?

 First of all, and in the actual developed economic yet competitive era, it is quite conspicuous that our international clients are looking for a partner who does have certified management systems put in place covering quality, health, and safety aspects.

Also, and according to the local laws, it is obligatory to guarantee a safe workplace for the employees, therefore, the implementation of the ISO 45001 was the ideal solution to manage all the risks related to the subject and to improve the performance at the same time.

This goes without omitting, the prodigious impact that the ISO certification has on the brand reputation and its perception by the final customers; whenever customers perceive the product/service as having a specific level of quality and associate this perceived quality with the name which automatically impacts the company’s revenue and positioning in the market, and from my position, I can say, that part of our outstanding reputation, besides having the best qualified and competent talents as well as delivering  high quality services , is being certified according to such  international standards.

The overall DNV certification of our management systems has provided Maurilog with the basis standardization from which to compete within the oil & Gas industry. Today it is a requirement to be certified to progress and gain more market shares, especially bien the first company to be certified against the ISO 45001 in the harbor of Nouakchott, and we are truly looking forward to expanding our certification to other standards soon. 

  • In your opinion, what was the added value of our certification on the performance and the operability of your certified sites?

 For our company, the added value of becoming ISO 9001 & 14001 & 45001 certified by DNV, is meeting a higher profitability level, reaching the optimum quality in our processes, but also having our continuous and sustainable development curve.

From my position I can say that our performance and efficiency have increased from planning, control and improving our processes and based on meeting the requirements of our services, customer satisfaction and continuous improvement. 

However, we should emphasize that ISO 9001 standards don't only certify companies at large but also can certify different processes that require this audit to improve their results and increase productivity. 

In addition to that, the brand image is all what matters for a service company like ours, and DNV, by certifying of management systems, is positively contributing to this strategic goal.

In the operational side, and thanks to this triple certification, we have somehow increased our people, property, operations and environment’ safety and security, through the continuous improvement approach that consists of discovering other risks on sites, that we were not necessarily aware off nor has had the opportunity to formerly discover, which immensely helped us to start a successful risk assessment process with the help of DNV’s experts from whom we have learnt on a technical background, on how to maintain our management system compliance with the ISO requirements,  to keep our scoreboard clean, but also grant that our performance indicators at their highest.

  •                How can you describe our auditors' intervention and methodology ?

 Honestly, it was the first time we had onsite auditors who would know the sites better than we do!

They had a particular methodology well adapted to our very complex industry, namely oil and gas, based on sampling, from the lists of existing processes, and the operations were obviously their first choice, knowing that the ranking of the main axes to be audited was made according to the priorities and the result of their preliminary analysis.

We are absolutely proud to have spent this period with DNV's team, who had a thorough understanding of our business, but were also rigorous and well competent.

For Maurilog Group, it is our ongoing goal to constantly challenge our compliance level to DNV standards! And that is exactly why we have chosen DNV as our privileged partner, two key words: high quality and strict conformity, and today, I can announce with confidence that we are thrilled to be the first DNV customers in Mauritania.

  •             How can you describe your certification journey with DNV?

Obtaining this triple certification crowns the daily work carried out by all the employees to place customer satisfaction, safety and the environmental approach at the heart of our commitments.

We are candidly delighted to be certified by DNV, hoping for a long cooperation especially with the next standards.