DNV unveils insights on the future of quality at the inaugural Discovery Quality Conference

DNV's Participation in the Inaugural Discovery Quality Conference to unveil insights on the future of quality in healthcare and financial services.

Left to right: Larry Borowitz, Head of Operations Management, The Service Lab; Grant Wareham, Managing Director of Wareham & Associates; and Greg Markwell, Sales and Business Development Manager at DNV, take the stage at the Discovery Quality Conference to share their expertise and insights on quality management systems.

DNV, a leading provider of services for managing risk and ensuring quality, recently participated in the inaugural Discovery Quality Conference, organized by the Discovery Group. 

Discovery Limited is a South African-founded financial services organisation that operates in the healthcare, life assurance, short-term insurance, savings and investments, banking, and wellness markets. The conference explored the impact of quality on the Discovery verticals, both historically and in the future, and brought together professionals to discuss the latest trends and innovations in quality management systems.


DNV was represented at the conference by Mr. Greg Markwell, DNV Sales and Business Development Manager, and Mr. Grant Wareham, the Managing Director of Wareham & Associates, a DNV partner who presented on "The Impact of Quality in a Digital World," which explored how quality management systems can help healthcare and related service organizations navigate the challenges of the digital era and improve the quality of their deliverables.

The presentation was well received by the audience and the insights and expertise were highly appreciated and played an important role in the discourse on quality management systems at the conference.

 In addition to the guest speaker session, the conference featured presentations from senior leaders of the Discovery Group and an interactive breakout session that allowed participants to explore specific topics in greater depth. 

The conference was a great success and provided a valuable platform for quality management professionals to come together and discuss the importance of, and need for, adaptability in quality. 

DNV's participation was a testament to the company's commitment to improving quality and managing risk. Their participation was also an opportunity for DNV to showcase its expertise and connect with healthcare and financial professionals in South Africa.


Overall, the inaugural Discovery Quality Conference was an excellent opportunity for healthcare and finance professionals to learn about the latest trends and innovations in quality management systems and network with their peers. The event demonstrated the importance of quality in healthcare and finance and the critical role that organizations like DNV play in ensuring that quality standards are met, are evolving and are exceeded.