Ghana Gas receives highest international accreditation for health and safety by DNV

The Ghana National Gas Company (GNGC) has unveiled its new Occupational Health and Safety Accreditation— International Organisation for Standardisation- ISO 45001: 2018 delivered by DNV, during an unveiling ceremony held in Accra, Ghana 13th of July 2022.

Ghana National Gas Company, Ghana’s premiere mid-stream gas business company that owns and operates infrastructure required for the gathering, processing, transporting and marketing of natural gas resources locally and internationally, has received the ISO 45001 :2018 certification by DNV, which is the highest international accreditation for health and safety management in the workplace.

This makes Ghana Gas the first wholly state-owned enterprise in the energy sector in Ghana to attain this feat.
The ISO 45001: 2018 certification is a new international standard for occupational health and safety management systems published in 2018. It is the highest accreditation and internationally accepted standard for organizations in their effort to be excellent in what they do.

As a net transporter and commercial operator of natural gas, liquids for both power generation and non-power customers’ health and safety of its workers are essential. The certificate gives assurance of a robust framework and processes for the provision of safe and healthy workplaces to prevent work-related injury and ill health which is linked to productivity.
It will also enhance proactive management of both internal and external risks while promoting the participation of workers in decision-making at all levels. These will translate into efficiency, performance and resilience of Ghana Gas.

Speaking at a ceremony to unveil the certificate in Accra, Chief Executive of Ghana Gas, Dr. Ben Asante said that this ISO 45001: 2018 certification will enhance its operations, and it requires the commitment of management and staff to maintain it.
“We operate a gas processing plant with very volatile components and we have to make sure that and we have to make sure that we put all the safety measures and protocols in place to protect our operators and equipment. The success of this ISO 45001 2018 will depend on a number of factors which include style of Leadership and commitment from top management and Board.”

He also mentioned the development and maintenance of governance mechanisms as well as strong culture in Ghana Gas.

Deputy Minister of Energy William Owireku Aidoo commended Management of Ghana Gas for achieving such a feat. He said Ghana Gas is exploring opportunities to use natural gas as a feedstock for fertilizer production. 

The process for the attainment of ISO 45001 2018 was launched on 12th November 2019. It has involved the establishment of a cross-sectional project team with representatives from all departments, training of all workers in the implementation, internal health and safety audits as well as the implementation of Corrective actions. The independent certification audits were conducted by DNV, one of the major few international accredited registrars and classification societies in the world.
The certification audit included stage 1 certification audit in October last year and stage 2 certification audit in December 2021. ISO auditors completed all outstanding issues and finally issued the certificate on 1st April 2022.