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Harlequin Oil and Gas Ltd.'s Commitment to Excellence: a conversation with Mr. Kwame Oduro-Yeboah, about their Journey towards DNV Certification

Interview with Mr. Kwame Oduro-Yeboah, Harlequin Oil and Gas Ltd.'s Quality, Health, Safety and Environment Manager, Ghana.

Harlequin Oil and Gas Ltd. stands out as a significant company in Ghana's thriving oil and gas industry. Harlequin was founded with a commitment to quality and sustainability, and it has since become a major player in the nation's energy sector. Mr. Kwame Oduro-Yeboah, Harlequin Oil and Gas Ltd's dedicated QHSE Manager, oversees achieving the highest standards in quality, health, safety and Environment (QHSE) activities. In this exclusive interview, Mr. Kwame Oduro-Yeboah discusses Harlequin's certification process with DNV. We look at the company's problems, successes, and persistent commitment to maintaining the highest QHSE standards in Ghana's thriving oil and gas sector. Join us as we discover the secrets underlying Harlequin's success story.

  •              Can you introduce yourself, your company, and its different activities?

I started with Harlequin International in 2010 which was at the start of Harlequin’s ISO certification journey with DNV.  I am a Mechanical Engineering graduate with MSc in Energy Management and Conservation. 

Harlequin Oil and Gas Ltd is a subsidiary of Harlequin International (Gh.) Ltd and provides support services in the upstream Oil and Gas sector.  Harlequin specializes in turnkey fabrication of subsea equipment, including suction piles, manifolds, steel bend restrictors, holdback anchors and mud mats.  In addition to our welding and fabrication services, we provide offshore labour, hydraulic and pneumatic support services for high-pressure hydraulic/ air systems, components such as cylinders, valves, and pumps. We also offer heat exchanger and riser maintenance services.

  • What was the main reason driving your strategic decision to initiate the certification process for your prestigious institution?

Our strategic decision to pursue ISO certification was motivated by a compelling vision: to penetrate the oil and gas sector while clearly demonstrating to our clients that we have a management system that is more than robust. We aimed not only to consistently meet our clients' requirements, but also to foster a culture of continuous improvement within our operational framework.

  •  In your opinion, what was the added value of our certification on the performance and the operability of your certified branches?

The ISO certification has been a game changer, acting as a catalyst of empowerment. It is more than just a stamp of approval; it represents a commitment to exceeding client expectations. This certification has become an integral part of our commitment to excellence, reshaping our operational landscape and significantly increasing overall efficiency.

  •   How can you describe our auditor’s intervention and methodology? 

DNV auditors contributed more than just a professional touch to the certification process. Their approach was similar to a guiding force, going beyond standard inspection. Their unwavering professionalism actively contributed to our growth by illuminating areas for improvement and providing real-world best practice examples, which have become invaluable pillars in our pursuit of excellence.

  • What are the criteria for choosing DNV and for which priorities and how many sites/branches are now certified by DNV? And against which standards?

Our selection of DNV was meticulous, with a focus on criteria that aligned with our values. DNV's demonstrated ability to add tangible value, solid integrity, extensive experience in the oil and gas industry, and globally recognized reputation made them the obvious choice. Currently, the glow of certification illuminates our Takoradi operational site, which serves as a beacon of excellence. Harlequin International (Gh) Ltd is certified to ISO 9001 and Harlequin Oil & Gas Ltd is certified to ISO 45001, 14001, 9001 and 3834.

  • Reflecting on your DNV certification journey, how would you describe the key elements that defined this transformative experience?

Our certification journey with DNV has been characterized by collaboration, improvement, and diversification. These elements resonate not only within our operational walls, but also throughout our legacy. As we celebrate recertification milestones achieved through collaborative efforts, we are poised on the verge of a prosperous future, thanks to a solid foundation built on trust, innovation, and a relentless pursuit of industry-leading standards. Here's to a legacy of excellence, not only in Ghana but throughout Africa.

Mr. Motaz Radwan, DNV's Expert and Certified Lead Auditor, elaborates further on the significance of Harlequin Oil & Gas Limited's integrated management system:

"Embarking on a journey of excellence since 2010, our enduring partnership with HARLEQUIN has been a testament to the shared commitment to precision and quality. As we celebrate the recertification of ISO 9001, 14001, and 45001, milestones achieved through years of collaborative efforts. Here's to a legacy built on trust, innovation, and a relentless pursuit of industry-leading standards.

Their proactive approach, professionalism, and commitment to surpassing industry standards make them an invaluable partner in our shared pursuit of excellence. Here's to a flourishing future built on the strong foundation of our enduring relationship not only in Ghana but in all Africa."