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Hear more from companies like yours: check-out our latest interview with Mr. Jarcu Groenewald, Managing Director of 3C Metal Belmet on his companies’ certification journey by DNV!

We were delighted to meet 3C Metal Belmet Managing Director, Mr. Jarcu Groenewald, in his company premises, to learn more about his experience with DNV, and what this collaboration has brought as an added value to the performance of their different certified sites over the years. “3C Metal Belmet represents the three African entities of 3C Metal Group; a multinational company focused on delivering turnkey engineering, procurement, construction and installation services to heavy industries. We, along with the other Group entities, specialize in structural steel and piping fabrication, with a core specialty of high-pressure piping processes and techniques. We have a long and proud history of collaborating with DNV, using their testing and certification services to ensure the success of our projects. Cinco Engineering (a 3C Metal Belmet joint venture) was also certified ISO 9001 in 2021, which resulted from the initial analysis conducted by DNV.” Find out more about the topics that were discussed with our dear customer in the interview below:

  •              Can you introduce yourself, your company, and its different activities?

 I am the Managing Director of 3C Metal Belmet, part of 3C Metal Group, that operates in South Africa, Namibia and Mozambique.  Our company specializes in heavy structural steel fabrication and piping. We provide innovative manufacturing techniques and local market knowledge to help further the Group’s operations in the Africa region. We provide services to many industries including the oil and gas, petrochemical, renewable energy, power generation, marine and mining industries.

  • What was the main reason driving your strategic decision to initiate the certification process for your different sites?

 As the nature of our business focus changed during the early 2000s, it was apparent that our international clients were looking for fabricators who had certified management systems in place covering quality, health and safety aspects. The company embarked on the certification process and at the same time came to understand the benefits of ISO 9001 and ISO 45001.

The overall DNV certification of our management systems has provided 3C Metal Belmet with the basis from which to compete within the sectors of our choice. Today it is a requirement to be certified to progress beyond the RFQ position.

  • In your opinion, what was the added value of our certification on the performance and the operability of your certified sites?

 3C Metal Belmet has been fabricating DNV-certified offshore containers since 2006 for the offshore oil and gas industry. During this period, a solid business relationship was developed between DNV South Africa and 3C Metal Belmet.

A manufacturing survey arrangement was entered into for the fabrication and inspection of DNV containers and portable units. This allowed 3C Metal Belmet to expand their work scope into the inspection and certification of baskets and containers for the fleet of an offshore diamond mining company. We were also able to provide the NDT approval on classification projects in accordance with class program DNVGL-CP-0484, which allows us to work on class-approved subsea drilling equipment projects.

The added value of DNV certification for our overall operations, is the standardization of our policies, procedures and documentation which aligns with ISO international standards. It also allows us to measure our performance improvement, as well as benchmark the operability of our sites against the standard and those of our competitors. 

  •                What are the criteria for choosing DNV and for which priorities and how many sites are now certified by DNV?

 As DNV operates within the markets that 3C Metal Belmet actively participates in, it became obvious that not only should there be a DNV manufacturing survey arrangement between the two entities, but that DNV should partner with 3C Metal Belmet in their quality, health, safety and systems.

With the support of DNV’s team of experts, we succeeded in certifying all the following sites:

  1.    Cinco Engineering has been certified with DNV since 2021 for ISO 9001.
  2.    3C Metal Belmet (Namibia) has been certified with DNV since 2016 (ISO 9001 and ISO 45001 (previous OHSAS 18001).
  3.    3C Metal Belmet (South Africa) has been certified with DNV since 2014.
  •            In three words, how can you describe your certification journey with DNV?

 Challenging, yet rewarding.