DNV GL email domains you can trust

DNV GL distributes emails regularly from many tools and systems. Our email domains are as follows:

  • @dnvgl.com - the standard email domain for work related emails. All DNV GL employees use this email domain
  • @e.dnvgl.com - the standard email domain for marketing and informational emails from DNV GL
  • @email.dnvgl.com - we aim to move our marketing and informational emails over to this domain in the near future, as it's clearer than than just stating the "e". 
  • @eloqua.dnvgl.com - the system we use for sending marketing emails is called Oracle Eloqua. We sometimes use this email domain

If you receive an email from DNV GL that uses any of the above email domains, then they are coming from DNV GL. We also use a number of other systems, that send emails, and some use other variations of such "sub-domains", meaning when something is placed in front of our brand name with a "." as separator.

However, we will never send emails from variations of our brand name. Be therefore extra careful if you see emails from dnvgls.com, dnvgI.com (do you notice that the last letter is a capital I ("i") and not a small l ("L")?), dnvgll.com or the like. Emails from such variations of our brand name are never from DNV GL.