IFS Logistics

Manage and improve the quality and integrity of your food logistic business. Reduce supply chain risks, improve operational efficiency and ensure food safety and quality in every link.

IFS intends to create transparency and trust across the entire supply chain. Specifically developed for storage, distribution, and transportation, as well as loading and unloading activities, it can be implemented in environments managing both food and non-food products. For companies striving for excellence in quality and customer satisfaction, certification to IFS Logistics helps improve confidence in suppliers and products, reduced the need for customer inspections and helps monitor compliance with applicable regulations.

What is the standard

IFS Logistics is a standard for logistics service providers in the food and non-food industry. It is created to ensure supplier compliance, taking into consideration the warehousing, transportation and distribution steps, as well as wholesales and other logistic services (adding IFS Broker in case of IFS certification). It helps secure the customers’ abilities to guarantee the quality and safety of the products that they use and/or sell. The standard covers logistics activities for all transports that are carried out under controlled conditions. The aim of IFS Logistics is to ensure transparency, traceability, compatibility and safety throughout the supply chain based on one uniform evaluation system. Certification includes assessment of a company’s premises, operational systems and procedures against the requirements of the standards. The standard supports users to meet stakeholder demands and protect consumers by:
  • Ensuring comparability and transparency throughout the entire supply chain.
  • Reducing time spent on supplier screening
  • Enabling accredited third-party certification
  • Improving your business reputation by safeguarding product quality and safety

Benefits of becoming certified

Certification to IFS Logistics by an independent third-party is a requirement of most retailers and brand owners, as well as food processors. As a result of certification your organization:
  • Improves confidence in suppliers and products
  • Establishes a due diligence defense
  • Reduces individual audit costs by combining a variety of different audits in one.
  • Improve understanding between management and staff related to standards and procedures
  • Can monitor compliance with regulations
  • Reduction in the need for customer inspections

Getting started

To be certified, you first need to implement the required procedures into a system complying with the standard’s requirements. DNV is an accredited third-party certification body and can help you throughout the journey starting from relevant IFS training to self-assessments, gap analysis and certification services. Learn more about how to get started on the road to certification.


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