My Care: keeping you safe. Assess, manage and mitigate infection risk and build stakeholder trust

Managing risk requires a new approach in the light of the current COVID-19 pandemic and also of the longer-term outlook for infectious diseases control as a risk factor for organisational resilience. Understanding how to respond to the resulting new market challenges is critical. Consumers and employees need to trust that you have measures in place to ensure their safety. My CareTM provides independent assessment services to reassure your stakeholders that infection risk management is at the core of the overall risk management approach of your business.

Beyond the immediate emergency response, companies are now faced with to the need to rapidly develop new infection risk management processes. This is followed by integrate these into existing processes or HSE (Health, Safety & Environment) management systems, and ensure implementation across their organisation. At the same time, compliance with national and international requirements, industry wide-best practices and continual adjustments to a rapidly changing COVID-19 landscape must be ensured.

My Care – build consumer trust

DNV’s proprietary My Care framework has been developed to support companies in assessing, managing and mitigating infection risk in their management systems, business processes and operations.  Whether you need to measure your system’s operational readiness or to understand its maturity and identify areas for further improvement, My Care assessments provide the necessary organisational insight and trust. 

My Care takes a holistic approach to building business resilience. It enables readiness to deal with infectious diseases today and can also drive lasting change in your HSE (Health, Safety & Environment) policies and management systems to create long-term organisational resilience.  

Verification by an independent third party provides insight into whether you have the right measures in place to keep people safe and brings transparency to your stakeholder communications.  All assessment statements are stored on our blockchain for added trust and integrity. Your message is effectively communicated to customers through the dedicated My Care trust mark. Display it in your online channels or physically on your premises. Customers can instantly access the validated statement for verification and use it in their decision making. 

Regardless of where your company is on this journey, the objective is to assure that the processes and policies which are implemented work effectively to safeguard people. To achieve this, a structured approach incorporating continual improvement and monitoring is advocated. The infection risk management landscape is evolving rapidly and thus the corresponding risk management approach should be dynamic including the following key steps:

  1. Assess your capabilities to manage and mitigate infection risk​;
  2. Adapting your processes and/or HSE policies to the post COVID-19 environment;
  3. Re-assuring your customers as a pre-requisite to re-opening business​;
  4. Connecting customers digitally to build trust;
  5. Adapting and improving, re-assessing and re-engaging​.

Benefits to your business

  • Ensuring legal and regulatory compliance;
  • Providing assurance to key stakeholders of your capability to manage risk;
  • Building a robust management system for rapid COVID-19 response and long-term business resilience;
  • Communicating to the market that you are operating a safe and secure business.

DNV’s My Care solutions

The My Care methodology helps companies assess, manage and mitigate infection risks in their management systems, processes and operations. DNV can also support you with any training needs to ensure the effective implementation of new or adapted processes across your organisation. 

My Care includes three service offerings, relevant to companies across all types of industries:

  • Readiness assessment
    What: Verify that all infection prevention measures required to restart operations have been adopted and implemented.
    Who: All companies in any industry who want to understand their degree of compliance with relevant legislation best practices and to communicate performance to internal and external stakeholders. 
    Output: Assessment report outlining performance and improvements needed. Readiness statement for internal and external use. The “My Care – Infection Prevention Ready” digital trust mark for external communication (see specific mark in flyer).
  • Maturity assessment
    What: Measure the maturity level of your processes and management systems’ incorporation of, and ability to, manage infection prevention and mitigation.
    Who: Organisations seeking to manage and evolve their infection risk capability maturity within their HSE systems.
    Output: Maturity profile for internal application and maturity level statement for external use. The “My Care – Infection Prevention Advanced” digital trust mark for external communication (see specific mark in flyer).
  • Bespoke services
    What: Get a tailored customer programs based on the My Care methodology, which can include development or adaptation of protocol, training and assessment programs.
    Who: Ideal for larger organizations or networks looking to build on an existing framework or in need of a specific program to manage their operations.
    Output: Ad hoc specific protocol(s). Training and/or assessment programs.  Bespoke statement for internal and external use. Digital trust mark for external communication.

DNV’s infection risk management methodology framework uses a maturity model based on six domains: actions, communications, strategy, governance, data analysis and continuous implementation. My Care’s development is firmly founded on DNV’s infection risk management approach used by hospitals to ensure patient safety. The healthcare standards and expertise of our in-house healthcare surveyors and medical professional has been combined with our risk management knowledge, HSE management system expertise and the maturity approach ISRS™. The International Safety Rating System (ISRS) is a world-leading system used to assess, improve and demonstrate the health of an organization’s business processes.

All assessments are conducted by DNV experts with competence that matches the My Care methodology:

  • ISRS trained consultants for maturity approach;
  • ISO 45001 lead auditors for risk management knowledge;
  • Harmonized by specific delivery training on methodology;
  • Supported as required by DNV healthcare professionals in the US, Europe and Asia.

Download the My Care flyer