Training methodology and benefits

DNV’s training methodology incorporates holistic approach, combining real-world auditor experience, industry expertise and extensive data analysis. The LMS (Learning Management System) provides a platform easily access our training portfolio, allowing learners to customize their experience and ensure the whole process is effective, transparent and user-friendly.

In a creative learning environment, our trainers are auditors who make best practices and trends from the field tangible and relevant to your context. Drawing on their own experience, industry expertise and extensive analysis of all our audit data, we provide unique insight into the challenges and opportunities for improvement lived by your industry peers. Knowing what really happens in companies like yours is what we believe builds knowledge for action.

We start from the knowledge and experience of daily interaction with thousands of certified customers worldwide. Drawing on our auditors’ experience, industry expertise and extensive analysis of audit data, we share the lessons learned from your industry peers.

Our training methodology is developed to share necessary knowledge and experience from the field in a creative and dynamic learning experience. Following the training, you will know more about what to prioritize in order to review and improve your company’s management system. With learnings from comparable companies fresh in mind, you can focus on areas of key importance to your company and establish a more efficient internal audit program.

If you are a consultant, you will be more capable of supporting companies in their certification journey. By knowing common industry pitfalls, typical non-conformities and how to most effectively mitigate them, you have insight that makes for good decision-making.

Learn directly from your peers

Our trainers have extensive auditor experience and industry expertise from years of working with companies like yours. We combine their personal competence and field experience together with advanced analysis of the millions of audit findings from 70,000 customers worldwide. This allows us to go beyond the theory and share factual insights. The data presented in every training provides a unique picture of the challenges and opportunities for improvement lived by your peers. 

A creative learning experience

We believe in a training environment where participants actively learn rather than just listen. While all our trainers are auditors not all auditors are trainers. Our select team of trainers specialize in pedagogical and best-practice learning methods. Recognizing that every individual learns in a different way, we develop a dynamic and creative learning environment suitable for every participant. 

Relevant to your company and sector

The better the learning experience is connected to your company-context, the more successful you will be in turning knowledge into action.  You will gain a unique insight through our auditors’ experiences and analytics of other companies’ management system performance. The data provided connects to the theory but is relevant to your context. It provides insight into the trends and benchmarks within your industry. You learn where your peers typically see risks, which can quickly be translated to help your company manage those same risks and spot opportunities. 

The data is provided through DNV's performance benchmarking tool called Lumina™. Companies certified by DNV have access to the Lumina dashboards and industry reports for further understanding. They can conduct instant deep-dives into the data and further benchmarking of their own performance. Lumina helps you to turn data into insight, giving you the confidence to make the right decisions.


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