Lumina™: Improvement through awareness

Comply with requirements, benchmark your performance and develop a high-performing management system. Gain unique insight to prepare for audits, close nonconformities and implement lasting improvements.

The online Lumina™ dashboard provides instant insight into your management system’s performance. It helps you identify improvement paths and enables decision making. Developed to drive more value from the certification process, Lumina helps companies understand what the most common risks for a specific standard are per chapter and clause. Use it to perform root cause analysis and review the most common corrective actions to any nonconformities you may have. Providing a wider view of your management system’s performance can reveal underlying structural issues which enables holistic improvements rather than one-off corrective actions.

Use the benchmarking feature to compare your management system’s performance with that of other companies and industry group or assess how your internal sites perform. Insight gained from the dashboard can easily be complemented with additional benchmarking reports or workshops if you wish to dig even deeper.

Lumina can be of help in various stages, from implementing the management system, preparing for certification audits to closing nonconformities or supporting your continual improvement efforts.

Built on audit data derived from DNV’s 70,000 customers worldwide, Lumina analysis are based on more than 3 million audit findings. The database is steadily increasing by 350,000 findings per year. All analytics is constantly complemented with our auditors’ experience and expertise to ensure that we provide sound insight before, during and after the audit.

Lumina is free for DNV customers. So, take advantage to evolve and consistently meet customer demands and reach business goals.