Lumina™ analyses the performance of a company’s management system with reference to a given standard. Most of the indicators and insights are expressed by comparing performance against a selected benchmark or by extracting statistics.

Lumina bases its analysis on data from thousands of management system audits carried out by DNV worldwide. It includes companies belonging to different industries and certified to various standards. New audit data is continually added and it is complemented with DNV auditors’ experience and expertise.

The analysis uses metrics developed in cooperation with GFK, a leading global research and statistics company. This allows for sound statistical presentations and for companies’ performances to be compared with those of different sizes and across geographies. 

You get intuitive indicators like the number and category of findings per day of audit, most common root causes and corrective actions for nonconformities, as well as more complex metrics like the overall Management System Performance Index (MSpi).

The insight gained makes your management system approach more quantitative, measurable and comparable.