Main benefits

Whether preparing for an audit, closing nonconformities or improving your management system, Lumina™ can support you. A compliant management system helps you consistently meet customer demands. Evolving and improving its performance contributes to reaching your business goals and gaining a competitive advantage. We call it “Improvement through awareness".

The online Lumina dashboard helps you:

1) Ensure compliance

Lumina lets you quickly understand where companies face the biggest risk of not complying with a standard’s requirements. Moreover, you can browse the most common root causes of and fixes, to prevent nonconformities from recurring,  per clause and sub-clause. Whether implementing the management system, preparing for a certification audit or closing audit findings, Lumina provides valuable insight and a wider view to help you ensure compliance with the chosen standard(s) requirements. And you can combine this with DNV’s self-assessment suite to assess compliance against a standard’s requirements.

2) Identify improvement paths

Lumina enables managers to go beyond certification

3) Prioritise actions and investments

By knowing where your biggest risks are, what areas should require the most attention and which fixes may be most relevant, you will be able to better prioritise actions, efforts and investments. With analytics based on audit data from more than 70,000 companies around the world, you get rock-solid insight upon which to base your decisions.

4) Get additional tailor-made insight

Insight available in the online Lumina dashboard can be complemented with tailored reports and workshops to address specific needs for knowledge. Whether you want to deep-dive further to understand more about the risks and opportunities in your own industry, companies of similar size, a geographical area or a specific performance target, our experts will work with you to meet your needs.

5) Build sustainable business performance

By helping you ensure compliance, benchmark and improve your management system’s performance, Lumina helps you meet customer demands and reach business goals. Moreover, by understanding your risks and having a sound foundation for decision-making, you improve governance. This builds trust toward internal and external stakeholders but it also contributes to meet any UN SDG or ESG commitments you may have.

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