Companies certified to IFS Logistics should prepare to transition

Replacing the current Version 2.3, IFS Logistics Version 3 becomes effective from 1 June 2024.

IFS Logistics Version 3 was updated late last year to align with current regulations, market expectations and the latest trends. It has been made more efficient for all stakeholders by having fewer requirements and an optimised protocol and structure. It is also aligned IFS Food Standard version 8, which is relevant for combined audits, and with global food safety standards.

Further updates concern the scoring system, extensions and clarifications in the scopes, and the introduction of a Star status to indicate an unannounced audit. It has been aligned with the IFS Food Standard version 8, which is relevant for combined audits and also with global food safety standards, including the Codex Alimentarius and ISO/IEC 17065, and considers ISO 22003-2.

“To safeguard consumers, addressing food safety in every link of the supply chain is essential. The new IFS Logistics Version 3 helps optimise the process for storage and distribution companies and we urge all certified organizations to start identifying changes that may affect them and make an early move to ensure a smooth transition,” says Nicola Rondoni, Global F&B Service Line Manager
Business Assurance.

Version 3 has been developed by IFS in conjunction with international experts from the logistics sector, food industries, retail and wholesale companies, and certification bodies. Changes in Version 3 also include a new scope for animal feeds and services for simpler sorting and labelling of fruit and vegetables. There is clarification of the IFS Logistics scope when it comes to short term storage and/or transport of containers, pure service provider organization of transport and storage, and exclusions rules.

Version 3 becomes effective as from 1 June 2024.  although organizations can continue with audits against the older version until 30 November 2024 (with some exception defined in the Standard). From 1 December 2024 all audits will be conducted against IFS Logistic 3.0. All certified organizations must complete the Version 3.0 upgrade before 30 November 2025. 

For more information on transition and timeline see Transition to IFS Logistics Version 3