HPC 420 standard for Home, Laundry and Personal Care products

Improve your capability to consistently meet customer expectations for product quality and safety while reducing costs of supply chain management.

Certification of your quality and product safety management system demonstrates your commitment to consistency, continual improvement and customer satisfaction. These are tangible business benefits that play an important part in building resilience and sustainable business performance. 

The HPC 420 standard provides specific requirements for a quality product design and risk assessment system that will enhance your ability to consistently deliver products that meet customer, as well as statutory and regulatory, demands.

What is the HPC 420 standard?

Applicable to all types of organizations regardless of size and complexity in the HPC supply chain in the categories covered, HPC 420 is a global safety and quality management system standard that helps companies consistently manufacture products that meet customer demands and protect their brands.

Based on the PAS 420 standard of the British Standards Institution, HPC 420 adds a management component for product quality. It also sets extensive requirements for certification and accreditation bodies.  

The standard enables auditing and certification of HPC safety and quality management systems, covering: 

  • Manufacturing of home care products (e.g. detergents, fabric softener, dish washing tablets etc.) 
  • Manufacturing of personal care products (e.g. shampoo, lipsticks, cotton pads, soap) 
  • (Bio)chemical manufacturing (HPC ingredients e.g. vitamins, additives and bio-extracts (but excluding technical and technological aids of the manufacturing process) 
  • Manufacturing of HPC product packaging (e.g. direct, indirect contact with HPC products) 
  • Transport and storage on site and as part of an operation are Included.  

Benefits of becoming certified

Safety and quality of home, laundry and personal care products (HPC) is a global concern. Certification to HPC 420 verifies how your product management system is working and demonstrates your commitment to apply safety and quality management principles.

The standard enables your organization to:

  • Build and operate a management system capable of helping you to better meet product quality/safety requirements and legal compliance
  • Provide a tool for product safety performance improvement, and the means to monitor and measure product safety performance effectively
  • Develop a good product safety culture which in turn improves customer confidence and aids in acquiring competitive advantages.

Getting started

To be certified, you first need to implement a quality and product safety management system complying with the standard’s requirements.  DNV is an accredited third-party certification body and can help you throughout the journey starting from relevant training to self-assessments, gap analysis and certification services. 

Learn more about how to get started on the road to certification.



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